Retreats | Perugia Italy

We offer a variety of residential experiences with gifted teaching artists in the heart of Perugia.
Enjoy staying together at this peaceful Italian estate, with fresh country meals, charming rooms,
a pool, and the surrounding natural beauty. Workshop sessions, all meals, lodging and ground transportation from Perugia included.
Details on each workshop page.
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 2020 Perugia 

Sept. 1-6, 2020
$1350.00 USD

(4 full teaching days)

JUNE 25-29, 2020 
$1100.00 USD
(3 full teaching days)

JUNE 2-7, 2021  $1350.00  USD
(4 full teaching days)

This Workshop was amazing, awesome, heart touching, … take any word for being deeply touched and for me it fits. Main reason is, that Peter Eldridge is a wonderful piano-player, a wonderful singer, a wonderful composer and arranger and also a wonderful teacher. If you work with him, you notice a very deep abandon to your own way of going around with music.  He is so sensitive to notice your wishes, skill sets, your favorites and your brakes and your barriers to develop.  He has a perfect mix of being facing and preparing for his pupils and at the same time being decisive and clear. 
I deeply know, what I’m writing about, because I’ve been a teacher for about 40 years. 
To work with Peter means such a big benefit for singers, composers and arrangers. I enjoyed so much the work with him. I learned a lot and I returned with lots of positive inspirations! 

~ Martin Gehrigk 2019

2020-2021 workshops in Perugia include summer and fall offerings.

June 25-29, 2020 residential Rhiannon's Vocal River method (sold out).
July 1-9, 2020 Rhiannon's  All The Way In 2020 workshop (sold out)
NEW for fall 2020 and summer 2021
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Sept. 1-6, 2020 Peter Eldridge : Vocal Awareness and Discovery.  
JUNE 2-7, 2021 Rhiannon's Vocal River workshop. 

Special thanks to our gifted and generous teachers, our wonderful host Flavia,
and to all of the singers who make our workshops beautiful and memorable!

  Tuition includes:
  Chef prepared meals: dinner on arrival day, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the workshop days, and breakfast on the morning of departure;
  Double occupancy lodging: 
  * there is a $200 surcharge for private rooms, as available 
  See photos to view accommodations.
  Ground transportation to and from Perugia is included. 
  We will pick up workshop participants in Perugia on arrival day at 3:00 PM
  Participants will be taken to Perugia after breakfast on the morning of departure.
  *If you are driving yourself
       -you are welcome to arrive after 4:00 PM  on arrival day.
  Dinner will be approximately 7:00 PM this first evening.

  We will take good care of you! 
  Contact Margie if you have any questions: 
  252-202-0865 (east coast USA)

  For specific questions about the lodging or travel-you can reach out to Flavia
  - our host -- you can contact her directly:
  +39 347 1895280    agriturismocorniolo.commap

Another reason for the success of this workshop for me were these amazing participants. They all were so different and each of them in his own way friendly, loving and intense.  I so much hope, that I can meet again each of them.   
The rooms, where we lived and the room, where we worked and had breakfast, lunch and dinner was fantastic. The whole location is a dream.  Flavia is the most friendly and helpful host, I ever met! She’s an angel.  Well, I think, you notice, that I’m absolutely and totally enthusiastic about having had the luck, to be part of this wonderful workshop.   
~ Martin G. 2019



SEPT. 1-6, 2020
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It was a marvelous weekend, with interesting people, warm welcomes and very inspiring musical exchanges. The accommodations and food were incredible.  Peter was so generous, insightful and good spirited that he was able to bring out the music within us. It was truly a magnificent experience.  I would surely do it again!  -Kiko Pereira 



June 25 - 29,  2020
June 2 - 7,  2021

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As a person who works at the convergence of activism, spirituality, and the arts, I experience Rhiannon and her work as the perfect medicine for me in these times. Vocal improvisation grounds me and strengthens my voice, my body, my gratitude, my creativity, and my courage for the times we live in. I consider her work a form of alchemical activism, growing beauty, presence, and intention for the healing of our world.   ~Barbara Ford