Click here for a partial list of the presenters that have booked our artists.
Margie Farmer is the kind of agent who intimately knows the work of her artists and how best to apply their talents in a presenting situation, in schools, and in community. Margie has connected me with the unusual strengths of the artists on her roster and how they can most advantageously be presented in our community. To say she is supportive is an understatement. She is involved and concerned that we are able to present the most wonderful event possible, for our agency and for the community.   
 ~Sharon Benson, Smokey River Festival
Dear Margie, I want to say a special thank you to you as well. We greatly appreciated all you did to make it easy for us to connect with the band and prepare… Your quick replies were so helpful. What a fabulous group you represent! They were a delight to meet and truly wonderful to hear.
Our sincerest thanks.
 ~ Charlene Jo Brown
Wells Scholars Program, Indiana University
I am truly grateful for your talents, whether musical, financial or logistical. All the planning and hours of hard work, with the spirit of inter-cooperation, made our rehearsals and concerts successful beyond our wildest dreams.
This experience is ours forever.
 Carol Thomas Downing, Director
Virginia Children’s Chorus
I thought to myself what a privilege and pleasure it was to work with someone who represented and booked artists so honestly and with genuine concern as to who was the best for your format and audience. I now know it was because I was working with a fine artist herself. If you have the chance to work with Margie Farmer of Class Acts on Tour jump/run/skip or leap at the opportunity. You will not be disappointed!
- Johnny Walker, Manteo Festival Park