Margie Farmer has a unique combination of skills...she was a piano major in college, a guitar/keyboard/vocalist in folk/rock bands while in college and beyond, a singer/guitarist in bluegrass bands, a performance arts chair in Maryland private schools for over 20 years, theatre director, choral direcotr, founding non-profit director of the women's vocal ensemble Jezic, and founding director of Class Acts On Tour. She understands the business from  the artist's point of view, the producer/presenter's point of view, the non-profit point of view and the educational point of view.... MTF has had the pleasure of working with great people and takes care with the serious responsibility of working with artists...representing their art.

She began booking tours for her choirs and guest artists such as David Griffiths, Daniel Lau and Malcolm Dalglish about 15 years ago when she was still teaching. With the support of a great headmistress, Lila B.Lohr, MTF learned about producing concert series, working within a budget, making money to make art, developing programming and artistic opportunities, balancing a season, not over-marketing and serving a community all while focusing on the goal to serve the student. This focus has served Class Acts On Tour very well. Learning with generous friends like photographer Steve Parke, and Jeff Order of Order Productions, MTF learned about recording and advertising, CD production and project development. Soon after leaving teaching, MTF started to work with jazz /world fusion legends Trio Globo - Howard Levy, Glen Velez and Eugene Friesen; Acadian flutist and compose Chris Norman; Celtic guitarist Robin Bullock; science and puppet masters DinoRock; and Rwandan peace activist Jean-Paul Samputu. Quickly the roster grew to over 18 artists. We have had the pleasure of working with amazing artists, all wonderful people, for over 15 years.

Working in teaching and arts management for over 40 years, MTF brings a lifetime of experience, and a lifelong commitment to the beauty of the artistic process and the life-changing joy that it brings. It is a natural extension to work with artists to help them bring their art to the world. 

I have worked with Margie for years. She is the consummate professional. Margie always has her artist’s best interest at heart. Her years of experience, attention to detail, and heartfelt passion for what she does, ensures that her clients will be in good hands. Whenever I receive a project from her, I am confident that all will be in order and that it will fly through production with ease because she makes sure every “t” is crossed and every “I” is dotted. She makes the process easy, which in this industry, is PRICELESS! When I see that Margie Farmer is affiliated with a project, I know it will be a success. 
Angela Pierce
Account Executive, DiscMakers

Just looked at Wendy's revision of photos. Please tell her it is so right and sequenced so beautifully … Thank you so much for Wendy and for your willingness Margie to work on things over and over until they are right.