Retreats: What participants say

Yes, we truly had quite a unique week together with Bob who, I believe, surprised us all, not only with his musicality, but with his humor, kind spirit and generosity.  He (Bob Stoloff) is quite a remarkable teacher with keen pedagogical skill yet, more important, he has an intuition for each singer's needs.  We were all enamored by his personal manner of working with us as individuals and a group.  And I must add that Bob was, by far, the best educator I've worked with in the last 30 years. 
~ J. Rudnick (Zeeveld retreat, Amsterdam)

The experience was everything I had hoped for, and more! First, THANK YOU Howard (Levy), for taking the time to share your talent and teaching with the group. I've studied your video, DVD, and even cassette recordings from your Augusta classes. I found that this experience brought it all together, challenged me in many ways, and helped me feel justified in the work I am doing. Your class was fun, challenging, sobering, and human. Your concern for the individual was apparent as you took questions on all levels. I enjoyed the mealtime discussions and sharing of stories. To me, this was the single most important music instruction I have received since I picked up the harmonica and a "play along" cassette in 1989.

Excellence in all areas: food, room, service, and the "I'm at home here" atmosphere. From the fantastic breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, to the get together sessions in the sun room, the staff supported every moment that we were together with charm and respect. Their place is perfect for getting away from the world and concentrating on your passion. 

~ D. Anderson, Loveland Colorado

Bob was incredible and probably one of my top 3 teachers of all time, if not number one. He really understands the role of sincere positive reinforcement coupled with clear directives in the learning process. I picked up on this same sentiment from some of the other students that were there for his segment also. As a voice teacher, it is what I strive for with my students as well. Take care and I hope to come back for more!   ~ Marie Black

 .. Just a few words to tell you that it was such a magic encounter for me, both musically and from a human point of view. Short yet fascinating, focused yet "expanded". As I already told you, I'm sure that your approach to students and music is always the same wherever you teach. But I felt so at ease when we were working together as if you perfectly know the best way to "talk" to me and make me pay attention even to small details. More than that, such a "familiar" feeling of tenderness, respect and "nearness"  as if we had already met and known each other for a very long time. Perhaps this is just the magic of music or, and this is what I do think, the Beauty of Life bringing people to meet  more than once! In either case……an extraordinary gift  ~ Antonella 

What an incredible week filled with intellectual stimulation, hard work, creativity, laughter, amazing food, and most of all LOADS of fun!!!
I am so grateful for this experience, have been using the tools almost daily - finding rhythmic inspiration everywhere I go - and would definitely be interested in trucking it across the Atlantic in 2016 to be with / explore more of Be-Bob Stoloff's masterful methods!!!  
~ Nureen Sumar

What an incredible experience to be here in Hawaii with these amazing women on a sacred land, with my master teacher Rhiannon!! It is such a privilege to learn rhythms from Jamaica, Cuba and the Congo and these rhythms are being taught by women to women, it is a beautiful ceremony. There is great sisterhood here. There is great wisdom here. It has been a deep journey learning about Hawaiian mythology and it's relationship to nature and feminine power. "Pele" is the fire goddess found in the active volcano that is ever present here on the island, she is one that of the most significant figures in Hawaiian mythology and she is the goddess of creation and destruction! Talk about inspiration from the land!! Thank you Born to Drum!!
                                                                      Bonnie Smith 

"This event was thrilling.  
I am truly ecstatic.
Thank you, again." ~ Joshua
"It's exciting to see your influence and bright touch ...  High praises for your organizational gifts! You're a wonder." ~  Cara T
"It was great to meet all of you and learn from you. Howard (Levy), thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and love of music. I picked up some things that I'd missed before, and I have a better view of what I need to do. It was a great experience. Margie, thank you for making this happen and for choosing such a wonderful place for us to stay. Stay in touch and take care."
~ Alan
   (three-time participant)