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Learn more and register

PETER  is offering a number of workshops in 2021.   
Starting with a songwriting class in January  --a great opprotunity to work with Peter solo. Only 8 singers or songwriters in each class. He is also offering workshops with New York Voices and-)(see below) with Rhiannon. 
Check out Peter's website for more info and registration. 

SONGWRITING WORKSHOP    limit 8    $100. USD 
2 meetings, 2 hours each class January 5 + 12, 2021 
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm east coast time 

Find the joy and playfulness in songwriting, whether you’re new to the art form, or an old pro. Together we will find various sources of inspiration and ways to get the creative wheels turning. Bring any ideas you have -  completed tunes, the beginnings of something, a melodic hook, a lyric and we’ll turn it into something special and personal.  While self-accompanying is certainly helpful to the process it is not absolutely necessary. Just bring an open mind. 
January 5th and 12th           Registration now open

Mele a Hakuwale January 2021 with Rhiannon + Peter Eldridge

Join Rhiannon and Peter Eldridge for 16 hours online 
song form + arranging and improv.  
week one 
DAY 1:   THURSDAY JAN 14 (3 hours) Rhiannon and Peter 
DAY 2:  FRIDAY JAN 15th (3 hours)  Peter and Rhiannon 
*10:00 am -1:00 pm HAWAII TIME  SMALL GROUP MTG 
split the group in half and enjoy a smaller class size with one teacher at a time for 90 minutes~ then flip classes/teachers 
week two 
 DAY 3: THURSDAY JAN 21  (2 hours)  Peter   
*10:00 am -1:00 pm HAWAII TIME 
  DAY 4: FRIDAY JAN 22  (2 hours)  RHIANNON 
 *10:00 am -1:00 pm HAWAII TIME 
 week three 
DAY 5  THURS  JAN 28  (3  hours) Rhiannon and Peter   *10:00 am -1:00 pm  HAWAII TIME 
* one hour each small group (flipping classes/teachers) 
followed by one final hour all together 

DAY 6  SATURDAY JAN 30 (3 hours) Rhiannon and Peter 
 *10:00 am -1:00 pm HAWAII TIME   FINAL PROJECTS 

Learn more and Register

Learn more and Register

 JAN 14-30, 2021  
-an intensive with these two master teachers  
~  only 12 singers in the class. \

TOTAL 16 hours  Participants  have class two days each week allowing  for generous time between classes to work on musical ideas and arrangements.  

This online course is for experienced and skilled improvisers and songwriters.  
Participants must be experienced in online study using ZOOM.   
Please contact Margie if you have any questions.

$1000.00  Registration Open