The Music, The Workshop Sessions, The Concerts, Solo. Duo and Ensemble Work, Rehearsal time with the trio, Vocal Technique, Improvisation---What We Will Be Doing....

 Their superbly attuned voices weave vocal tapestries plush as velvet, mysterious as photosynthesis, nuanced as clouds, yet simple as greens.  It's as uncategorizable as it is enchanting. 
               - Fred Bouchard, DownBeat 

Get this. This jazz vocal supergroup has just created the greatest vocal fusion of jazz, rock and folk music since the first record by Bobby McFerrin 26 years ago...  . It's as if they invented an entirely new blend of urban madrigalism for the 21st century, composed of coffee shop, jazz club, off-Broadway theater and church basement. 
                 - Jeff Simon, Buffalo News

Singers will enjoy evening concerts  by faculty, and with other workshop participants-all with the support on our in residence jazz trio who will be with us all week in classes and to work with individual singers as they prepare for the evening  jam sessions and public concerts. We will sing in various locations on the Outer Banks, in restaurants and art centers and for each other.

Each singer will have the opportunity to work with the faculty and jazz trio to develop at least one selection that will be performed in a  club or concert setting in a local venue.. This performance will be videoed in hopes it will help singers have a video for their website or social media/concert marketing. A photographer will also be with us all week long to capture photos in performance and/or in workshop sessions. You may choose to ask for a private professional photo shoot during the retreat. Contact Margie for more info about video or photos.

Each singer will be given two charts in advance of the workshop:  a jazz ensemble arrangement and a MOSS arrangement in the early part of 2020 so you can prepare the piece and bring it with you so we can enjoy these two selections in rehearsal together and also in performance-in an all workshop experience or in small group ensembles with your own interpretations and improvisations. The downloadable scores and audio MP3s will be available to help you learn the music before the workshop begins. In this vocal group workshop  we will work together working on repertoire as well as group exercises, working on the issues of sound, blend, phrasing, rhythm, feel, lyric interpretation as a collective, stylistic integrity, emotional connection to the music, and the inherent joy of harmony singing.

Each singer is asked to  bring at least two prepared pieces to share with the group and the teachers, and/or  pieces in development that you may want to work on with your teachers and peers. If desired singers can develop a duo arrangement with one of the faculty members and then perform that piece in an informal concert setting.  This work will  allow each singer to experience the joy of collaboration, of what can happen when voices come together (with or without accompaniment, duo or ensemble...and find something organic and specific to their particular sound and aesthetic. The repertoire in these settings can be all over the map stylistically.

VOICENOISE- embodying the noise, singing your body

This vocal workshop focuses on healthy singing, breathing, vocal and physical exploration-opening new doors and sounds for singers to explore/
Addressing technique, exploration and play, we will delve into new territories of vocal  expression expanding into possibilities in a group setting, which will include improvisational games, group improvisations and solos to broaden the horizon of the individual performer The emphasis is on nurturing a body-mind connection while making music and sounds together; no reading skills required, as music will be taught aurally during this session

Expansion in Sound and Song - from student to artist 

This workshop is a masterclass style workshop in which singers bring their own material and present it in front of the group. I will make suggestions, cuts and edits to the arrangements and their compositions to bring out new facets and incorporate complexity, minimalism and other streams of music to breathe new life into their repertoire. This workshop can transform the viewpoint of the advanced student, elevating them to a new level of artistry and intricacy