Workshop #1 Jan+Feb 2021 Wednesdays 1:00-3:00

January + February WEDNESDAYS

4 classes - 2 hours each week JAN 13 + 20 + 27 + Feb 3

Weakness, breathiness, tongue tension, the dreaded break, pitch’s tough out there! Jazz singers have no shortage of challenges when it comes to working with our instruments.  What to do? 
This class will focus on providing tools to strengthen, coordinate registers and bring flexibility and health to your instrument so you can sing with freedom, using the philosophy and techniques of Somatic Voicework™
The LoVetri Method.     $200.00. limit 12

Ya' gotta do the work....Start your year off right with a good vocal health workshop to help your voice sing like your heart.

Workshop #2 coming spring 2021 each class 2 hours


4 classes = 2 hours each week

Working with your voice through the years to keep it strong and flexible  The vocal cords undergo many physiologic changes as we age. It's an interesting conundrum that as the passing years connect us more deeply with our expression and authenticity, we can also experience reduced vocal function which makes it more challenging to tell our stories. In this class we'll work on creating a toolbox for keeping your voice strong, flexible and balanced using the philosophy and techniques of Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method.  $200.00